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1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp 3/4 Barker Cabriolet de Ville. ...
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Hampshire, United Kingdom
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1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp 3/4 Barker Cabriolet de Ville. Ex INDIA. Wanted

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1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp 3/4 Barker Cabriolet de Ville. Ex INDIA


Ordered by a Mrs Gubbay of Calcutta from Rolls-Royce Bombay and personally collected from Lillie Hall, London, she accompanied the car back home in the SS Padua back to Calcutta.

Ex-DUTCH MOTOR MUSEUM for 28 years from 1967 to 1995 when purchased. This extra-ordinarily unusual Rolls-Royce was in the collection of one of the most discerning collectors for 28 years and must be seen to appreciate its collectable status over many other 20hp Rolls-Royces.

Important colonial car with very little use over the last 47 years but expertly maintained as per list below.

Much work done by Fiennes Engineering, pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists, and other specialist companies. Please enquire for a 28 point detail of works done.

Such was the quality of the whole car that only one bolt had to be cut. Everything else came apart with careful use of heat and penetrating oils. Key numbers were found written on the inside of the locks by the original fitters. An original spanner was found deep inside the bodywork which jammed up one window winder. A lot of grease and gunge which has accumulated on the chassis - has been left. It has done such a good job of preserving the metalwork that it seemed a shame to remove it. At least that is what I tell myself when otherwise faced with this dirty and labour intensive job!

The original specification provided for slightly lower running boards to enable Mrs Gubbay to alight more easily. She specified a then-fashionable turned aluminium dash with nickel plated instruments. Grand total was £2051.12, some factor or 10 at the time to a typical family car.

Mrs Gubbay came to London to collect her car and sailed on 28th October 1926 in the SS Padua back to India.

Infinitely adaptable as
a) Fully closed
b) Rear closed, front open
c) Fully open

...this Rolls-Royce provides the ultimate wedding car if necessary, and has been occasionally used as such in recent years.

Retaining the car's original Barker body - Rolls-Royce's preferred coachbuilder, their work was well known in India. Barker supplied the Nizam of Hyderabads famous 'Throne car' in 1913, having shipped three open Silver Ghost Landaulettes to the 1911 Delhi Durbar - and built the D-fronted Landaulette bodywork on the Viceroy of India's 1909 Silver Ghost, no less.

Complete with wind up glass division and very special folding rear side windows, this Cabriolet de Ville body was extraordinarily extravagant at the time on a Rolls-Royce 20hp.

Must be seen to appreciate its collectable status over many other 20hp Rolls-Royces.